No one is a prophet in his country.

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“The word of God enters our flesh. At the call of the Lord, we can say yes by testifying to our charity, our hope and faith in his word.”

Readings: Jesus is not sent to Jews alone

Jesus, like Elijah and Elisha, is not sent to the Jews alone (Lk 4:21 -30)

The liturgy of the Word of God on this 4th Sunday of ordinary time, which is well loved by God, speaks to us about the quality of our relationship with the message that the Prophets announce to us from God. It speaks more specifically about the type of response we give to God. In fact, the word of God speaks to us regularly as a light to enlighten our lives. But, is this good news still well received?

Both the first reading and the Gospel of this day answer that “no”; the Word of God proclaimed by the prophets is not always welcomed by men. She doesn't always caress us in the direction of hair. Like a sword, it often penetrates into our flesh; that is, it often denounces in us behaviours that do not conform to the ideal of holiness that suits a Christian. To this disturbing word, we are invited to say YES. And consequently, we can, with the grace of God, do everything in our power, to tear ourselves out of bad attitudes and take the path of life. But I know that we often give several answers. For example, there is the answer of indifference:

it is when the word of God no longer enters our lives. We listen to it as a novel or as a book of told stories.

There is also the answer of the relativist: it is when the word of God is balanced with other points of view. This one, once relativized, is no longer the Word of salvation, but a word of wisdom that can be done without.

Finally, there is the aggressive answer: this is the one that is discussed today in the first reading and in the gospel. In the first reading, as in the Gospel, the word of God spoken is seriously challenged for itself. And this protest is so aggressive that the message of God is confused with the one who spoke it; the prophet is confused with the Word of God. That is why we attack him instead of blying on the Word of God and the message addressed to us.

On the other hand, dear brothers and sisters, although it is not always easy to hear the call for conversion and to hear threats from the Lord, behind the message of the prophets it is the awareness of God's love that is most essential. Our response to his call

is a decisive commitment. Just as his Word is fulfilled in our today, it is now that we are also invited to show him our full adherence. Let us not close our hearts, but let us listen to the voice of the Lord. Our response to God's call must no longer be an indifferent, relativistic or even aggressive response; but we can at the Lord's call say yes by testifying to our charity, our hope and faith in his word.

I believe more and more that Christians must bear witness to their Faith, Hope and Charity. Even if the world is not ready to hear us, we must say the grace, support and above all the joy that we find in our relationship with God. We must say that true life is in God, and his Word that we proclaim is precisely there to enlighten our steps every day on this path of happiness.

May this Eucharist make us more and more available to the action of the Spirit in us by the grace of God and make us, as Pope Francis wishes, “missionary disciples-” who testify in their lives to the beauty and joy of the gospel.

May Jesus, the Word of God made flesh, receive a welcome worthy of Him in our hearts.


Father Rodrigue Chabi

Father Rodrigue Chabi

Organ: At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

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