Holy Trinity: I still have a lot to tell you

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“Jesus takes the condition of man and Son to reveal to men the love and face of the Father”

Readings: Holy Trinity

Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

Beloved by God, today we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity. It is the mystery of one God in three people, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. A God who is trine in people and One in essence; a God full of love. It is this infinite love of God that we remember every time we sign the cross and when we use a doxology: “Glory to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit”. Our words are very incapable of understanding this mystery of God because it goes beyond us infinitely. To introduce this feast of the Trinity, let us think of a radiant light that illuminates and dazzle at the same time. The Trinity is a bit like a radiant light, capable of illuminating and dazzling at the same time. Light, in fact, makes things exist by tearing them out of darkness. He who lives in the daylight bathes in a natural and familiar environment that allows him to move; but when he lifts his gaze toward the sun to fix it, he is immediately dazzled. So is the case of the Trinity: without it, the Christian faith vanishes; and when we try to accommodate it in itself, we are blinded. And yet all our Christian life unfolds under the sign of the Holy Trinity: it is in it and through it that we are created and saved; it is in it that we are baptized and it is still towards it that we are moving.

Thus the whole Bible testifies to this constant effort to speak, to know and to love God as Father Son and Holy Spirit. The figure of Wisdom in the book of proverbs (1st reading) suggests that God wants to make himself known to us. His wisdom is presented as ensuring the connection between heaven and earth. This is a way of saying that the Lord communicates with us for our happiness. It is always possible to speak of God as a Father because he enters into a covenant with us to save us. The first reading invites us to admire the beauty of the work of God our Father in each of our lives. We can see in it the signs of his love for us and bear witness to it by loving for good all those around us.

In his letter to the Romans (2nd reading) Saint Paul tells us precisely that the most breathtaking of God is his will to save us. This is why he becomes a man in Jesus Christ; he takes the condition of man and Son to reveal to men the love and the face of the Father. When we are certain that we are loved, we feel confident; it is like a force that drives us to move forward. We Christians are sure to be loved by God with a saving love. This good news is a source of peace and assurance for us. Even in the most desperate situations, nothing should shake our faith. “I am with you until the end of time,” says Jesus. This certainty is not based on words but on gestures of love for us. Christ has surrendered himself to give us access to the heart of God. The same Christ never ceases to knock on our door every day to fill us with His love by giving us His Holy Spirit.

The Gospel strongly emphasizes the third person of the Holy Trinity. Saint John tells us: Only the Holy Spirit can make us understand and live in depth the love that the Trinity lives. The apostles themselves discovered it only very gradually. Initially, they saw in Jesus only a prophet, a master of religion. Then they saw in him the Messiah, and finally the Son of God. He revealed himself to them as a savior, one who wants to lead humanity to the Kingdom of his Father. So this is a very limited approach to the mystery of the Holy Trinity. I would say that it is a bit like the stained glass windows of a sanctuary: seen from the outside, they are very gray. To see their dazzling light, you have to come in, you have to walk through the door. It is then that we discover the wonder. This is how God reveals to us the wonders of His love. He opens the door of his heart to share them with us from within. But nothing is possible if we do not dive into this ocean of love.

That is what we have to testify to today. May God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit call us all to love unconditionally and to live in this communion of love.


Chabi Rodrigue


Organ: At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

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- Offertory: Fantasy and fugue in F major (J.S. Bach) “The little preludes and fugue”

- Communion: “Adagio” of the Toccata Adagio and Fugue in Ut (J.S. Bach)

- Release: 1st movement of the 1st Sonata (A. Guilmant)

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