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“At Pentecost, let us live fully from the Spirit of Love, of communion, which has been given to us in order to let Christ come and dwell in us.

Readings: Seventh Sunday of Easter

“Let all be one”

Jesus, in his prayer offered to us today, speaks to his Father, but also to us. By “giving us the glory which the Father has given him”, Jesus wants to share with us his wonderful destiny as the beloved Son of the Father and his fundamental wish: “Let all be one, Father, as we are one, I in them as you in me”. Jesus exhorts us to become one in God, God is three people who are one. The unity that must unite Christians, of which Jesus speaks, must be of the same nature as that that which uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

When we seek unity, in society, in parish, in family or in couple, we come to live from the love of God. To be one of us, that is, to receive what will make our unity, God must be in us. We must therefore first let God Fri (r) in the depths of each of us, just as the Father dwells in the heart of his Son. In these days before Pentecost, let us become more aware of the need we have to live more fully from the Spirit of Love, of communion, which has been given to us in order to let Christ come and dwell in us.

The unity of disciples is at the heart of Christian fidelity. It is by this sign that we can be recognized. Before the words, it is our actions that build a fraternal Christian community, that say the good news of the Gospel. And to say this unity we have a privileged word: it is the word “communion”, at mass, when we approach the altar in the gesture of communion, we come from everywhere, we are united with so many others who make the same gesture around the world, and together we take the same bread at the same table, with the same confidence in the same Savior. That way, we draw humanity to come. At the same table, we come to nurture reconciliation, cordiality, harmony, sharing, universal brotherhood.

Every Sunday, mass is a relearning, a renewed exercise of the filial bond that unites us all with the same Father. May we receive this grace which is given to us.

Father Francis Corbière

Gospel and Homily

Organ: At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

Chorals by Caesar Franck

- Entrance: 1st Choral

- Meditation: 2nd Choral, 2nd Movement

- Communion: 3rd Choral, Movement 3 “Adagio”

- Release: 3rd Choral, 1st movement

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