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Christmas Messe: A Saviour was born to us

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“At Christmas, we have the pleasure of moving towards God's freshness, of meeting together around her and of being able to draw from it that water that alone can make us live.”

Readings: Christmas Eve Messes

“Today is born to you a Savior” (Luke 2:1 -14)

Beloved of God, dear sisters and brothers, dear sons and daughters of God, would the little child whose birth we celebrate, be able to mobilize us, to be interested in the point of bringing together many, here, on this night...?

My astonished question also comes from the fact that we are, very often jealous of our time! It is well known that we repeat all the time not to have time for this or that other thing... Why are we here then?

Sisters and brothers, I think I can answer that we are here because this child, that is, Jesus, is a promise for us. Do you not believe that, by making himself a man in Jesus, God gave us in some way... a gift of his time to him? And much more, he has - given us - his Son as our brother. It is also for this reason that each of you, in a certain sense, in coming to this celebration, wanted to give part of his time to welcome and celebrate God who makes himself man in his Son Jesus.

Our presence here in this church this night says that we want and can find the trust we need to live, beyond all our disappointments. That is why each of us, with our own nuances, wanted to be similar to other Christians to celebrate this birth. So it is not a kind of escape from the real, to “forget the rest”, that we are here; we did not come to open any small parenthesis, as if we were going to the stadium to follow a nice football game. No: we Christians are happy that God has chosen to be the Emmanuel and that this “God with us” invites us to share his life.

I can easily conceive that on this night each of us carries with ourselves their daily life which can be heavy; however, the worries of our lives are not erased. But we return to this solemn holiday a bit like we used to go to the village fountain: for the pleasure of going to its freshness, meeting together around it and being able to draw water from it that alone can make us live. No doubt, each of us is here, too, for more personal and secret reasons. What is certain is that we wish to proclaim together, with others, the heart of our faith to return home with renewed hope!

Even if the world is inexorably following its course, with its lot of tragic events (merciless fights, armored trucks...)? Yes, yes, I believe it: the Gospel or the Good News of that night we have just heard confirms that the Messiah, our Liberator, has come to offer us something else. He came to radically change the meaning of history and to give it another outcome, a way out which is inconceivable to us; he offers us his salvation and his true peace. Let us dare to listen to him, hope for him dear brothers and sisters; let us dare to believe in this unknown of God if we want to be happier.

The approach of God who makes himself man, his approach that prompts him to make himself one of us to save us extends over several stages: He first came into the weakness of a child (and this is what we remember especially this night: God who is born in our lives). Then he chose to identify himself in our human reality, to live it fully, to the extreme consequences even through death, to the resurrection. And finally, he promised to return one last time to establish a fullness that we all expect and which was announced to us by him; and we will not be disappointed. He's the one who says it. This is the core of the Promise to which I refer in the mystery of the birth of Jesus.

God, in his Son, comes to us today, he offers himself totally to us; this is his Christmas gift to us; and this is the meaning of our gifts. The Lord comes as the one we wanted and at the same time as someone unforeseen. And let us note that when God comes, he does not come as one can imagine. He comes as a poor man, as a son of the poor, and, by his extreme weakness, he says to us: “Know it is in those who are like me that you can find me; it is by welcoming them that you welcome me. Are we ready, dear brothers and sisters to welcome his message, to live his good news? If we are, his promise will be fulfilled for us.


Father Pierre Dibi

Father Rodrigue Chabi

Organ: At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

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