His face became shiny as the sun

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“The glory of Jesus is the fulfillment of the love that dwells in him and of which God his Father is the source.”

Readings: Second Sunday of Lent

Last Sunday we contemplate Jesus refusing to “take advantage” of his divinity, tempted as an ordinary man by Satan, but victorious in the face of temptation. Today we contemplate his glory, usually, hidden, his deity.

In this Gospel passage of this Sunday, Jesus invites Peter, James and John to come with Him, on “a high mountain”, to meet God, to contemplate Him, Jesus transfigured, in His glory. The glory of Jesus is the fulfillment of the love that lives in him and of which God his Father is the source. God Father loves his Son infinitely. This infinite love of the Father reveals to him all his beauty. It is this inner beauty of Jesus, this inner life, irradiated by the infinite love of God that appears outside, on his transfigured face and his garment bursting with light: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I find my joy, listen to Him!”

Now in the passage immediately preceding the Gospel of the Transfiguration, which we hear today, Jesus announces his passion and we witness the resistance of Peter.... The contiguity, the proximity of these two scenes: the proclamation of passion and the transfiguration, is there, it seems to me, to make us understand the paradox of the mystery of Easter: The one who is flooded with light is precisely the one who crossed the night of death and attained victory by the strange path of failure. We are thus reminded of the impossibility of separating the luminous aspects and the dark moments of existence, pain and joy, death and resurrection.

The narrative of the Transfiguration places us before two ways of being discipleship: one pushes us to grasp the moments of luminosity that Jesus offers, giving himself totally to us, allowing himself to be totally seized, possessed; the other, harder, invites us to renounce what we know of this vision, refers us to listening to his word and sends us down from the mountain and puts us back on the way to resume our daily journey.

Like the disciples, we need to experience the closeness of the comforting God. If we never live this kind of experience, we can come to doubt the existence of beauty and to see with a disillusioned gaze on the world around us, on ourselves, on God, only the opaque aspects of reality, the mediocrity that progresses, the selfish calculations that replace generosity, the repetitive and empty routine that occupies the world. 'space of joy and fidelity., fear and mistrust before life (cf in front of epidemic:all these food stocks piled up, flights 8000 masks in hospitals)

The narrative of the transfiguration invites us to evoke the moments of grace during which we lived an experience of light and where our life seemed to be transfigured, inhabited by this love of God which reveals to us our beauty as a daughter and son of God, revelation which is made to us through our baptism: love has become certain, the fraternity has become palpable and reality has spoken to us a new language of faith and hope in life. It is momentary lightning that reveals the meaning of the path of faith undertaken. To evoke and recognize them as a strength received to continue walking helps us to continue the patient quest of God and His Kingdom, His presence, in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.

There are many people for whom the reality of this world is silent, icy and dead. We Christians are called to ensure that these realities can reveal and transfigure the trace of the God who lives in them. Here is the instruction given to us: “Listen to Him!” , Let us let us more and more inhabited by His Word to experience His mercy completely gratuitous towards us. Let us follow Jesus on his way of the cross and his way of resurrection. He says, “Get up and be afraid.” There is no question for us to plant tents to stay in the glare of the transfigured vision of Jesus; we are invited to continue the road following him. It is a matter of rolling up our sleeves in order to witness in our daily lives the hope received from the Holy Spirit, who, in us and with us, builds our resurrection by teaching ourselves to love. Let us march with Him to make your own existence a gift of love for others, in an obedience available to the will of the Father, in a manner that is in the hands of the Father. an attitude of greater detachment to the things of this world, in true inner freedom.

May this Eucharist allow us to listen to the Beloved Son and thus to participate through him, with him and in him in this transfiguration, in this resurrection of our whole life.

Father Francis Corbière

Gospel and Homily

Orgue:At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

- Entry: 1st Sonata, 1st movement - beginning (A. Guilmant)

- Offertory: 1st Sonata, 1st movement - continuation (A. Guilmant)

- Communion: Prelude and Fugue in G minor - Fugue (Johann Schneider 1702-1788)

- Exit:

Prelude and Fugue in G minor - Prelude (Johann Schneider)

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