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The sacrament of the sick, madness...

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You have to have a grain of madness to ask for the sacrament of the sick... or you have to be sick and think that it will save us. But what? of our madness? Yes, the sacrament of the sick is a leap into the unknown. It's like throwing yourself from the top of a bridge for a bungee jump without having the ability to check the equipment! What unconsciousness. Or we hope to have a grace. Without realizing that this Grace was already at work long before we made this choice. Without realizing that the sacrament of the sick is communion with an entire assembly, an entire people.

The Grace offered from the beginning, the day after the sacrament of the sick, we feel disoriented, waiting for this Holy Spirit, which in fact was already there... It is only after a few days, months, that we realize that this surplus of Grace in abundance is serenity. The serenity of being accompanied every day, even in trials, especially in trials.

So, is it really madness to ask for the sacrament of the sick? An acquaintance told me, “I cannot pray, I am not worthy.” “Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but say one word, and my servant will be healed.” The congregation, the community associates with its members, comforts them, supports them. “We are the body of Christ”. This is what the community does every Sunday when it prays for its sick: it prays with all its strength, with its heart and soul.

The community also surrounds the priest as Aaon and Hour surrounded Moses during the battle against the Amalekites (yes it is a fight, do not lower your arms!).

The priest, in the sacrament of the sick, anointed the hands and forehead of the person by uttering these words “With this holy anointing, may the Lord, in his great goodness, comfort you with the grace of the Holy Spirit. Thus, having freed you from all sins, may He save you and raise you up.” “For the language of the cross is folly for those who go to their loss, but for those who go to their salvation, for us, it is the power of God.” (First letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians 1:18)

Madness of the sacrament of the sick that leads us to the serenity, serenity of knowing ourselves accompanied by the best of the journeymen, Jesus, who helps us and comforts us. Serenity also of the communion of the community that surrounds us during our trials. So yes, it makes sense to call the sacrament of the sick, the sacrament of serenity.

“I listen: what will the Lord God say? What he says is peace for his people and his faithful; let them never return to their folly. ” (Psalm 84.09)

“The Lord is my strength and my bulwark; in him my heart trusts: he has healed me, my flesh has blosted, and my songs give him grace.” (Psalm 27.07)


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