Lord, receive the tears of my bitterness

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Lord Jesus Christ, who wept Lazarus and shed upon him the tears of sadness, receive the tears of my bitterness.

I have no suffering heart to seek Thy, no repentance, no tenderness, nothing that brings children back to their inheritance.

Master, I have no tears to pray to You. My intellect is darkened by the things of this life, and has no strength to tender to You in pain. My heart is cold under the number of temptations, and the tears of love for You cannot warm it.

But thou, Lord Jesus Christ my God, treasure of wealth, give me total repentance and a heart in pain, that I may go out with all my soul to seek Thee. For without You I will be deprived of all good.

May we be worthy of such splendour, through Your grace and Your love for man, our Savior Jesus Christ, for ever and ever. Amen.

St Isaac the Syrian, 8th century

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