Mgr Benoist de Sinety

Bishop Sinety: the good man draws good from the treasure of his heart

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Readings: What the mouth says is what is overflowing from the heart

Official Prayer of the WYD of Panama

O Merciful Father, you who call us to live life as a way to you: help us to look at the past with gratitude, to assume the present with courage, and to build the future with hope. Lord Jesus, our friend and brother, thank you for your love look. Let us know how to listen to your voice that resonates in our hearts with the strength and light of the Holy Spirit. Give us the grace of being an outgoing Church, which proclaims with vivid faith and a

young face the joy of the gospel, to work towards the construction of a more just and fraternal society as we dream.

We pray to you for the Pope and the bishops; for priests and deacons; for consecrated life and volunteers; for young people and all those who participated in World Youth Day in Panama, and for those who welcomed them. Saint Mary La Antigua, Patron of Panama, let us live and pray with the same generosity that was yours: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; let everything be done to me according to your word” (Lk 1:38). Amen


Bishop Benoist of Sinety


First Reading


Second Reading

Universal Prayer

Our Father


Organ: At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

- Entry: “Full Game” sequel to the second tone (L.N Clerambault)

- Meditation: “Basse and Top of Trumpet” sequel to the 1st tone (L.N Clerambault)

- Communion: “Fugue en G” (F.W. Zachow)

- Release: “Dialogue on the Great Games” sequel to the 1st tone (L.N Clerambault)

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