The stranger returns his steps and gives glory to God

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“God, in his love, is interested in all humanity. His great project is to bring together all the men of the world.”

Readings: Twenty-eighth Sunday Ordinary Time

Beloved by God, in the time of Jesus, being a leper was a shameful disease that forced the sick to live outside society. They were excluded, untouchables, which made their situation even more painful! More family life, more friends, more care...

Ten lepers then came from afar begging for Jesus to heal them. And Jesus, in his compassionate goodness, healed them all. He said to them, “Go and show yourselves to the priests,” and “on the road they found themselves healed.” But only one thought to come back to Jesus and say “Thank you.” And Jesus was amazed. So, to reward him, Jesus said to him, “Your faith has saved you.” Not only was he healed of his leprosy, but he was healed of his sin.

“There is no work more proper to God than to spread His blessings, nor to the creature than to give thanks to Him” and “There is only one work that belongs to us and which we can honor God: that is to give thanks to Him”. For the Lord is his love. This is what the Apostle Saint Paul keeps telling us in his letters. “Be rooted and founded in Christ, strengthened in faith... and abound in thanksgiving” (Letter to the Colossians 2.7).

Thanksgiving (recognition) is one of the dominant liturgical texts of this twenty-eighth Sunday of ordinary time. The word translated by thanksgiving is a verb that means: surpassing, amplifying, excelling. And Messe is the supreme thanksgiving: “the Eucharist” which means thanksgiving.

This leads me to make a remark about the nature of the Christian in the light of the Word of God. To ponder the texts of this day, they tell us that the life of the Christian is never presented as a narrow and narrow life. But rather our Christian life, our life as a child of God consists in giving thanks to God “endlessly and at all times” (Letter of St. Paul the Apostle to Ephesians 5), “in all circumstances” (Letter of St. Paul the Apostle to Titus 5:18 -20).

“Let us therefore be assiduous to prayer and to the Eucharist that it keeps us and our parish community vigilant in thanksgiving.” Indeed, “All things contribute to the good of those who love God,”

The Praise for Good that we notice in others is also a form of thanksgiving that we are invited today as a Christian to cultivate. Let us not limit ourselves to the simple word “Thank you”; but let us be grateful.

Rodrigue Chabi


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Communion: “Fugue en Ré” (F. Mendelssohn)

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