Jesus came down from the mountain with the Twelve

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“May Jesus take us in grace, bless us, and direct us to eternal goods”

Readings: Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

“Blessed are the poor! What a misfortune for you rich! ” (Luke chapter 6)

Beloved brothers, the liturgical texts of this sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time of the year C give a glimpse of “the quest for happiness or the thirst for happiness”. Therefore, this quest for happiness can be summed up only in the Christian message. For “the Christian is, or should be, the man of beatitudes. The great saints lived through these paradoxes, being happy in poverty, in destitute, in grief, in hatred, insult and exclusion. This is not dolorism. For it is truly happiness, and even true happiness.

It would be an unrealistic utopia if Christ, who taught the beatitudes, had not lived them himself, even in his flesh” (Missal of Sundays 2019).

For Jesus, true happiness is not just having everything he

takes in life. But true happiness is received from God. It is for all

those who put their trust in God. The beatitudes we read today are first a new trace of this fundamental opposition between the poor and the rich. This gap lies in the capacity of detachment to material good to attach to God. To hear Saint Luke, one might think that God has no respect for the “rich”. But to make such a reading, is it not, to mock God's mercy?

Brothers, we are all invited to welcome these biblical texts as a call for conversion, a call to put our whole life in

agreement with the gospel of the beatitudes. It is through love and mercy that we will be recognized as disciples of Christ. We beg him: let him give us strength and courage to remain faithful to the testimony he expects of us. May He then take us in grace and bless us and direct us to eternal possessions.

Father Pierre Dibi

Organ: At the Great Organ, Guy Didier

- Entry: “Toccata en Ut” (J.Krieger)

- Offertory: Choral “Have mercy on me O Lord God” (J.S. Bach) from the “Liepzig chorals)

- Communion: “Adagio” (Albinoni-Giazotto)

- Exit: “Gigue” (G.F. Haendel). Transcript for organ Guy Didier.

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John Sebastian Bach

Johann Krieger

Georg Friedrich Haendel


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