Easter Sunday: the tomb is empty

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“May God fill our hearts with His deep joy and His Peace!”

Readings: Easter Sunday: Jesus is Risen

Homily of the Easter Day 2019

When we hear this passage of the gospel, it is not a grand scene with a triumphant Christ, clothed in light that is told to us. We can rejoice in this discretion, because it is very similar to what we are experiencing right now. Easter makes us sing: allelujah, but apparently nothing seems to have changed: we are the same, the worries are always ruined in the back of our homes and our hearts, the sick are always bedridden, the poor and forgotten always poor and forgotten, churches are destroyed as in Sri Lanka this Easter night...

To better understand, let's see the first witnesses. For Mary Magdalen, it is still darkness: she sees that the stone of the tomb has been rolled, she sees an empty and tidy tomb and remains with her hesitations and doubts. She saw only from the outside, from the outside, with her eyes of flesh (blepo) and her reaction is to see that the Lord has been removed from the tomb and she adds: we do not know where he was put. It is the admission of non-faith, of non-knowledge, and she will announce it to Simon-Pierre and the other disciple. They come running, and younger wins in the sprint. From the outside, he sees that everything is tidy in the tomb, but he lets Peter enter the first, who also sees, finds that the tomb is empty and tidy. These findings attest to the truth of the facts but do not explain the mystery. We'll stay overnight. So we will have to look elsewhere and this elsewhere, it is the other disciple who will tell us “he lives and believed”. He did not just see as Peter and Madeleine, he sees with the eyes of faith (orao), he sees in real seeing, in true believer, his love makes him understand the incomprehensible of the event, he sees what the cloths do not prove but a sign, he sees as a true believer.

We, too, could believe, in front of the empty tomb and rolled stone that the body was simply stolen. This would have classified the episode as the oblivion of history. Let us ask the Risen Risen to open our eyes of faith, and that as, for the beloved disciple, He, the Risen One, let us emerge another conviction, a crazy evidence, the reversal of appearances, the rediscovered truth, living. Let us be invaded by the incredible power of this news that we may have heard too much so that we no longer move about it, not let it change something in ourselves.

That night, death was destroyed by the One who had destroyed himself on the cross. Death has been swallowed up by Life. We dare not believe it. Jesus came out, even more alive than in his thirty years on this earth, more alive because now eternally alive, yesterday, today, tomorrow, here and now.

We are invited to live from the life of the Risen One. Let us hear Jesus say: It does not matter to me to resurrect a thousand times in Jerusalem if I do not rise once with you, in the depths of you.

The historical reality of my resurrection would remain unfinished if it did not take, here, today, body and life in you. My resurrection asks you for an inner disposition. In front of this open tomb, become yourself open.

Let us not close ourselves to the novelty that the Risen Risen wants to bring into our lives! Let us descend into ourselves, instead of this dark plot, so dark that it is the tomb of your history, the tomb of your life, descend instead of this trial that beats you, when life has not yielded the expected fruits — “ah, it is life!” it is said, when the trial falls on us. No, it is not life, it is death that does its work, that comes to plant its black flag on the life that lies in you and that has been trying to make its way for too long. Christ came down to the bowels of the earth to collect us from our tombs. To save this also because he comes to deliver our life, our whole life.

In this still closed tomb where your soul has often apologized: let the Risen One act.

Let him go out, let him rise again, let him make of this tomb the place of his grace and power, of his mercy and of his love. Let him be the living in you, rebuild you mysteriously, raise your life.

This tomb can become like the one in the Garden of Jerusalem your greatest treasure.

Is there bigger treasure? Open your eyes for is there greater wealth than this presence of the risen Jesus, always present, always acting, able to roll the stone of the tomb, to collapse the walls of our refusal to love, to open a breach at the end of our dead ends, to lift us up when our sin, our misfortunes put us on the ground, fallen, to give us back. hope when we are tired, disappointed, sad, when problems and everyday worries lead us to retreat to ourselves, in sadness, in bitterness.

Is there greater joy than knowing God with us, Jesus eternal friend, eternal savior. Extending our hand, to go out with him. We're not alone. I am not alone, you are not alone.

May we be these men and women, believing in the power of the Risen Christ who comes to meet one another, living the Risen Christ, that is, attesting by our way of life and being, that we have been rescued and thus made capable, in our turn, of helping to reclaim, by the strength of the Risen Christ, all of us. those who are losing their feet, drowning, looking for meaning in their lives. Let us open the eyes of faith and see the hope that this brings to life.: He the Risen One is truly our hope.

Brothers and sisters: on this Easter day, has this proclamation of joy addressed to us: Christ is risen, may we answer: “Yes, I believe, I experience it throughout my life and the life of our humanity: Christ is truly risen!!! ”.

Father Francis Corbière


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Sequence: “To the Easter Victim, Christians, offer the sacrifice of praise. The Lamb redeemed the sheep; the innocent Christ reconciled the sinner man with the Father. Death and life confronted each other in a prodigious duel. The Master of Life died; living, he reigned. “Tell us, Mary Magdalene, what have you seen on the way? “I saw the tomb of the living Christ, I saw the glory of the Risen One. I saw the angels his witnesses, the shroud and the clothes. Christ, my hope, is risen! He will be before you in Galilee.” We know that Christ is indeed risen from the dead. King victorious, take pity to us all! Amen.”



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