The Holy Spirit will teach you everything

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“A heart of flesh is a heart that allows itself to be completely transformed, transfigured by God's merciful and gratuity Love.”

Readings: Pentecost Sunday

“The Holy Spirit will teach you everything” (John Chapter 14)

We celebrate Pentecost, the coming of the fire of the Holy Spirit, the Gift of God, the free gift of His Love, who is a divine person in its own right, and who is the Life of our soul. The eternal life of our soul. Without the Holy Spirit, no Eternal Life! Without the Holy Spirit, no Church!

A sound from heaven, a violent gust of wind, tongues of fire... these are the realities that orchestrate the coming of the Holy Spirit on this feast of Pentecost!

However, this breakthrough is not a hit of theatre! From the Resurrection (Luke 24,49) and before going up to Heaven, Christ promised his apostles: “You will receive strength, that of the Holy Spirit... that will make you witnesses” (Acts 1:7 -8).

In the beginning, when God created heaven and earth, there was already a question of “the Spirit of the Lord who was hovering over the waters”, a little like a mysterious character looking for an airstrip...

At Pentecost, will the Divine Breath finally find — within us — a land of welcome?

The Resurrection of Christ finds its fulfillment by the gift of the Spirit. And this coming is vividly manifested, inviting all of us to become fully participants in the new creation inaugurated by the Risen Christ.

Like a strong gust of wind, the gift of the Spirit comes to upset our lives and to shatter our habits and certainties.

Because it is a breath of life, a breath that renews the whole universe, it has the ability to cross the walls of the very dwelling of the apostles.

Her creative power goes far beyond the walls: she wants to change our hearts from stone to heart of flesh.

A heart of flesh is a heart that allows itself to be completely transformed, transfigured by God's merciful and gratuity Love. Only such Merciful Love can make each of us new beings completely renewed by the Risen Christ.

Like a sound from heaven, the gift of the Spirit awakens us from our sleep. It makes us move from fear to assurance; from shyness to openness and solidarity; from retreat to the boldness of sharing our faith. It gives us the courage to speak and to witness, in the heart of this world, the hope that drives us. But even more so, it gives us the intelligence to move from disagreement to knowledge and harmony; from betrayal to benevolence and listening to each other, respecting our differences and welcoming our respective wealth.

Like a flame, the gift of the Spirit revives in us the desire to proclaim the Word of God, to proclaim the Joy of the Gospel. The tongues of fire, signs coming from above, become clear words on the lips of the messengers (this is the meaning of the term APPOSTOLOS = apostle).

Thanks to the Holy Spirit, the Word proclaimed in our churches, or within our families, prayer groups, sharing groups... becomes a true Light on their way, a flame of Love in their hearts, real news, good news in their lives.

And, basically, isn't that what we all want, what we need? A nourishing and soothing Word.

A Word that recreates us and teaches us to weave true and profound human relationships; a Word that gives us the strength to overcome the obstacles we encounter in our daily lives; a Word that allows us to communicate without artifices and position ourselves clearly; a Word that allows us to live as men and women saved.

The Spirit is that Presence that can give meaning to our sometimes complex life. The Spirit does not replace Jesus, but He gives him his rightful place in our lives.

The Spirit, this Breath of Life in Fullness, will always remain, for us, the Comforter, the defender, “the sweet host of our souls” as we sing. A divine host, he is the inner master who teaches us and guides our steps in the aftermath of Jesus Christ, “the Way, Truth and Life.”

Jesus is made present by us, in us, Christians... What a responsibility, what trust is placed in us!

Dear brothers and sisters, the fiftieth day after Easter is the feast of fullness that we celebrate.

It is the fulfillment of God's creative work, the completion of the divine Trinity's plan for us. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit we become the temples of the Holy Spirit.

Being the temple of the Holy Spirit is an immense honor for man. This is the greatest grace that has ever been given to us. There are three things that man can truly be proud of: the first is to be loved by the Father; the second, to have been assumed by the Son, redeemed by his death; the third, to be the temple of the Spirit.

This is where the true dignity of man resides, fruit of the love of the Trinitarian God, and this dignity is great. One gift and one mission at a time.

Let us pray, on this feast of fullness, that the Spirit of the Lord may spread over every man and all humanity, that the light of the Trinity will enlighten us all, that the salutary plan of the Creator will be fully realized for every living being, and that all of us will participate in the endless joy of the Father, the Son and the Spirit in the eternal kingdom.

Father Christophe Hermanowicz

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